Share the Road

Through our Share the Road campaign, NEABC hopes to raise awareness about cyclists on the roadways.  Our hope is that drivers will see these signs and remember to use caution and keep an eye out for riders.  We also hope that the signs will remind cyclists that they, too, have responsibilities on the road.             

The City of Jonesboro has agreed to install these signs along our mapped bike routes if we will provide the signs.  Individuals may purchase signs for $50/sign* through NEABC.  You may do so through the Paypal link to the right, or by sending a check to the address at the bottom of the page.  (Just make sure we have all of your contact information so we can properly thank you.) We will have them printed and installed according to city and state regulations.  Our hope is to get signage going in Jonesboro, and then expand the campaign to the rest of Northeast Arkansas.  

Some safety information from AHTD Traffic Rules for Cyclists:

Riding on the streets and public roads in Arkansas generally falls into six principles in order to comply with state and local law:

  • Drive on the right side of the roadway; never on the left, and never on the sidewalk;
  • Obey all traffic signals and all traffic control devices;
  • When you reach a more important or larger road than you are on, yield to crossing traffic;
  • When you intend to change lanes or move laterally on the road, yield to the traffic on the new lane or line of travel;
  • When approaching an intersection, position yourself with respect to the direction of your destination; and 
  • Between intersections, position yourself according to your speed relative to other traffic.

Bicyclists are required to signal like other vehicles pursuant to A.C.A. § 27- 51-403, but not continuously if they need both hands for safety (A.C.A. § 27-49-111). 

When riding at night, Arkansas law (A.C.A. § 27-36-220) requires that you have a white headlight on the front of your bike, and a red tail light on the rear – both visible from at least 500 feet away. You may substitute a red reflector on the rear provided that it is still visible from at least 500 feet away when illuminated. The white and red reflectors that come on your bike from the sporting goods store or bike shop are insufficient; state law requires that you have active lighting systems when riding at night (reflectors are passive.) 

Motorists are required to give cyclists at least a 3 feet buffer when passing.

*NEABC is a non-profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax professional.