JETS to Offer Student Summer Rate

Just in time for summer, JETS will be offering a Summer Youth Discount Fare Program. This program will be effective on all JETS Fixed Route buses from the day following Memorial Day until the day preceding Labor Day.

To qualify for this fare a young person must be between the ages of 12 and 18 and must present a valid school-issued, picture ID.

The fare for this program is $.25 per trip or $20 dollars for unlimited daily travel during the 68-day duration of the program.  The $20 summer long pass can only be purchased at the City Collector’s window in Jonesboro City Hall.

All JETS Fixed Route buses can accommodate up to two bicycles each on external Gearhead-sponsored bike racks. - See our Rack -n- Ride JTown Page for details!

To present questions, please contact JETS office at 935-5387.

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